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Latimer Flexible Solar Management System

Maximize the potential of your solar asset with Latimer FSMS: Latimer Controls' AI-Powered AGC software solution.

Introducing Latimer FSMS - Flexible Solar Management System - a revolutionary AI-driven software control solution that transforms solar generation from a liability on the grid to a valuable asset. Latimer FSMS allows utility-scale solar assets to precisely respond to AGC generation setpoints from the grid operator while avoiding curtailments. By allowing solar generation to maintain economic value even at high penetration levels, Latimer FSMS reduces grid-wide operating costs and makes solar energy a cost-effective and reliable solution for the future.


Accurately Calculate Potential High Limit in Real Time

Latimer FSMS continuously reads in real time information from every inverter and processes it with a robust machine learning model to compute the Potential High Limit at both the inverter and plant level, even when a plant is curtailed.


Optimize Inverter Set Points to Meet Grid Signals

Latimer FSMS incorporates a groundbreaking hierarchical control scheme to direct active power setpoints for each inverter. With multiple layers of sophisticated control, Latimer FSMS manages power generation to meet automatic generation control and fast frequency response signals with unparalleled precision.


Compatible with Existing Inverter, SCADA and Power Plant Control Hardware

Latimer FSMS is vendor agnostic, offering seamless integration with pre-existing embedded systems. As a locally hosted backend software solution, Latimer FSMS effectively communicates with plant SCADA, unleashing a host of innovative capabilities for both current and future investments.

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