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Simon Julien

Founder & CEO

Latimer Controls CEO & Co-Founder Simon Julien graduated from CU Boulder with a BS & MS in Applied Mathematics/Computational Modeling. While earning his degrees, Simon performed cutting edge research in conjunction with NREL to invent the core technology of our solution. This effort culminated in the publication of two peer reviewed papers, as well as a PCT patent application. In addition to his scientific accomplishments, Simon brings mathematical modeling and software expertise, familiarity with power grid energy markets, and a broad renewable energy industry network to the Latimer team.

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Meet The Team

Zachary Jacobs


Latimer Controls Co-Founder Zachary Jacobs holds a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from CU Boulder. He has experience in advanced technical research and economic analysis for marketplaces with extremely high scientific barriers to entry. Focusing on technical writing, fundraising, product market fit, economic evaluations, and business development for Latimer Controls, Zachary's scientific acumen allows him to leverage a profound understanding of our fundamental technology in order to influence and develop our business strategy effectively.

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Tristan Liu

Office Manager

Latimer Controls Co-Founder Tristan Liu is a results-driven professional with a BS in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from CU Boulder. With experience in engineering system design, computation, project management, and technical sales, he directs the development of Latimer’s control systems to fit the integration needs of testing and piloting partners. Tristan also contributes valuable expertise and a robust network in business strategy for complex technical solutions, garnered from his extensive involvement with multiple research-driven tech startups. 

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