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Simon Julien

Founder & CEO

Simon studied at the University of Colorado graduating with a BS & MS in Applied Mathematics/ Computational Modeling. Simon’s passions for renewable energy and sustainable technologies led him through nearly 3 years of frontline research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a globally leading institution for renewable energy development. At NREL, Simon was involved in 3 scientific publications, multiple public presentations, software applications, and is now filing the patent for the technology behind Latimer Controls. Simon brings technical and software expertise, familiarity with power grid energy markets, and a broad renewable energy industry network to the Latimer Software team.

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Meet The Team

Zachary Jacobs


Zachary is a graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering at CU Boulder. He has experience in both technical research and project management, and focuses on tailoring Latimer Controls custom fit solutions to the needs of industry leaders. He has previously worked to apply novel process engineering approaches to minimize waste associated with domestic natural gas production. His passion for green energy technology motivates him to reimagine the capabilities of renewable energy on the grid.

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Tristan Liu

Office Manager

Tristan holds a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder. With leadership experience in engineering design, computational modeling, and sales, he directs the development of Latimer’s control system integration with utility-scale industry partners. He has worked previously to deliver innovative technical solutions for the skiing and food industries. He shares a passion for unlocking solar’s potential as a reliable source of energy and moving the world towards a future powered by renewables.

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